Nina Berzbach


Life and Art can be truly transformative if we pay close attention to it. It can be colorful, intense and expressive like an autumn thunderstorm or gentle and caressing like a smooth summer breeze at the beach. My mission is to create Art that speaks and translates my Soul 's language. There is nothing more exciting and joyful than to wake up in the morning and to say "another day full of adventures and Soul Art journeys because each creative project is a risk and you never know where you might end up . I love travelling and discovering new magical landscapes and realms in real life but also especially as an (he)artist in my imagination. I feel nourished and guided by the messages that I intuitively receive. A deep understanding of my own work and life takes place.  Our bodies communicate with us 24/7 and we in the western world have separated the connection between body, mind and spirit so Yoga helps me to close the gap and build the bridge. My art process is holistic and connects body, mind and spirit so it becomes a clear aligned compass for my life path.



What is Soul Art®?

Soul Art for is "Art in Process" and a deep exploration of my inner landscape. It conjures up deep emotions, it communicates, it transforms and transmits and it helps to understand myself and also to choose differently. It is awareness, mindfulness and a holistic approach to find and walk its own path. Soul Art was developed by the artist Laura Hollick and I am currently a student in her Body Mapping program level 1. The Body Mapping process creates an exchange and a bridge between body, mind and soul - the body is the vehicle that allows us to experience this world - where all experiences are stored -like a big bio computer . To access all information we can use the Body Mapping technique that can free us from patterns and programs. This is just the tip of the iceberg - Soul Art is so much more. everyone has to experience the full dimension and impact of a workshop by herself/himself and I am looking forward to see you all there soon.


Life changing Soul Art® Workshops


I am now officially offering life changing Soul Art 

journeys that will empower you to create a life on your own Soul terms:


  • You don't know how to access your intuition, your creative potential, your body wisdom and you lost your inner compass to guide you through life?
  • You need a clear vision that sets your heart on fire and a creative expert to encourage, support and inspire you?
  • You want to unleash your inner life force and feel empowered and renewed ?

Here is a workshop specifically to help people to connect with their Soul and Body and to release blocks and stress. I am so excited to have the honor to guide your through your inner world and to connect with you. Just click the Photo and you will be forwarded to get into contact.