Intuition - what is that?

Sometimes the mind seems overpowering with ideas, judgments, opinions that it is really hard to listen to your own inner voice -the one that says "Be kind to yourself" when you had a hard day and "watch out before you cross the road" that is too busy and to walk to the next zebra crossing instead. There are these stories of people who did not take a certain planes that were meant to crash cause something inside themselves told them not to do it.

 It is your instinct, your knowing, your inner guidance and everyone has it. It is just a matter of nurturing it, respecting and listing to it and then it becomes your perfect very own compass that protects and guides you. I will write more on this subject in the next weeks and will explore the theme more in detail. For me it a strong feeling of "yes" and "no" , a sense of knowing where to go , with whom to connect and I have cultivated it with the help of various tools like Soul Art, Oracle Cards and Meditation.


How do you connect with your intuition ? What tools do you use and what helps you to connect?

 So looking forward to read your comments

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